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You don’t like WHAT?

I usually prefer to keep the posts in this column focused on general strategies and network marketing training, but in recent weeks, we’ve run across a few people who simple amazed me with what seemed to be completely and uncharacteristically out-to-lunch. So I thought I would post this here, to save myself the time of wondering if they suddenly suspended all logic and rational thought, or maybe had a rare, brain-eating virus or something… 

Dr. G

Whenever someone tells me that they “don’t like the compensation plan”, it always means one of three things:

1. They really don’t understand the comp plan at all.
2. They aren’t paying attention, and think the comp plan is something completely different from what it actually is. (i.e. MLM arrogance).
3. They were accidentally dropped on their head as infants.

I’m dead serious. There would be no other logical explanation, because the compensation plan is the most generous, fair and simple marketing plan I’ve ever seen in Direct Sales. It benefits the brand new person by putting $800 in their pocket quickly (usually within their first week), while offering “heavy hitters” a chance to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in their very first year in the business.

It eliminates the number one and number two reason people drop out of direct sales programs:

1.) The cost of monthly autoships or volume requirements, and
2.) The difficulty of meeting unrealistic recruiting requirements.

A person comes on-board by becoming a member, like everyone else. Period. No distributor kits to buy. No overpriced “fast-start” programs to choose from. And no marketing website subscription to pay. They buy a lifetime membership in the travel program for around $300 and that’s it.

Then they personally enroll TWO people, and they are qualified for commissions for LIFE. Read that again. Let it sink in! Two personally sponsored people and you are QUALIFIED FOR LIFE. No monthly volume requirements. No more recruiting necessary to max out the compensation plan.

Given that the average network marketer only enrolls 3-5 people in their entire career, that means we created a comp plan that sets people up for SUCCESS, not failure.

And you don’t have to tell some suspicious miracle cure stories about some unproven breakthrough juice, shake or tablets that will grow hair, increase your breast size, cure cancer, and improve the environment. You don’t have to get people to change phone companies or electric companies. You don’t have to sell people legal protection that’s already available for less money from their credit card companies. And you don’t have to shlep all over town doing “home parties” or product demonstrations.

Recruit two members, and teach them to do the same thing.

This isn’t rocket science, guys. It’s called DUPLICABLE MARKETING STRATEGIES.

Would it be fair to say that right now, you probably can think of at least two people who go on vacation at least every other year… and who would probably LOVE it, if you showed them how they could do that for free? Of course you could. And even for those who consider themselves to be retired hermits, isn’t it true that in today’s day and age, they could go online and FIND two people somewhere in the world, who go on holiday and would love to do that for free? You bet they could.

Now, as I said when I started this conversation, there are generally three reasons that people could say that they don’t like the compensation plan… And we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, and say they weren’t dropped on their head as infants…

So that leaves two possibilities… Either they really are not paying attention, and are assuming they know it all already, and are probably confusing this with typical multi-level marketing or cycling programs; or they just misunderstood what we shared.

Maybe they imagine that there would be no way to keep generating income, if there were no monthly purchase requirement. But that just means they aren’t paying attention. I thought the same thing when I first looked at this, and then I realised that this wasn’t an MLM cycling program, but a unique direct selling “recycle matrix”. You see, the program is designed so that the further the duplication process continues, the more often you get paid. It’s better than an infinity bonus, because you can actually have five, ten, twenty or more matrices going at any given time, as you develop your business.

So the brand new person, we’ll call her Mary, with no previous experience, might go out and get their two members in their first week, and then help them do the same thing, in that second week. When that happens, Mary makes $800, because all six spots in her personal matrix are filled. And not only does Mary get a brand new matrix herself, but she goes into the very next available slot in her enroller’s matrix, which might mean she’s helping her enroller fill a second spot in the very same matrix! When was the last time you were able to leverage your enrollments so that one person could actually count as two in some MLM program?

Now, once she has her new matrix, let’s say her first person (Dave) helps his two members get their first two sales, and so he gets paid $800, and pops into Mary’s new matrix, in the first available slot. Now while Dave was doing that, Mary might have been talking to her THIRD new member, so that first spot in her new matrix is already full… and so Dave goes into the NEXT AVAILABLE SPOT in Mary’s matrix… and that would be spot number two at the top. Meanwhile, Mary’s helping that second person she brought in (Susan) to help her two people to get qualified, and when they do, Susan pops into the next available spot in Mary’s new matrix too. That would be underneath Mary’s third person. See what I mean.

We’ve eliminated the phenomenon of downline competing with their upline. We’ve eliminated the phenomenon of sideline people competing with one another. Everyone actually helps everyone else grow as a TEAM. And each time six spots are filled in someone’s matrix, they get another $800.

Now, I can tell you tha brand new, inexperienced people are seeing $800 every two to three weeks, while those who really take this and run with it, and maybe enroll four or five people themselves in their first week, are seeing $800 every four to seven days. So what is there not to like?

  • It’s simple.
  • It’s duplicable.
  • We pay by direct deposit debit card in over 220 countries worldwide.
  • The product is affordable and high value.
  • Even if someone never sold a membership, the product pays for itself in ONE vacation savings.
  • And the first year income potential, for someone with NO prior experience is easily $18,000 to $24,000.

No binary program schemes, where you’re actually making the owners and heavy hitters, who broker backroom deals, rich, while everyone else makes themselves crazy trying to balance “weaker side”/”strong side” ratios.

No unilevel breakaways, or drop-out.

No having to call your people every month to get them to reorder and requalify. Do your job once (sponsor two and teach them how to do the same thing) and this program practically runs itself.

So here are some of the common misconceptions that people sometimes imagine are part of what I just shared (we call this phenomena “deafening by one’s own MLM arrogance”):

Q. What about when you get your new matrix, how much does that cost you?
A. Nothing. Your new Follow-Me Matrix is provided without a DIME of new expense.

Q. If there’s no monthly purchase requirements, wouldn’t the bonus pool dry up?
A. No. This isn’t MLM. So stop thinking of programs that sell you absurdly overpriced
“magic pills” or juice drinks, or skincare or soap, every month. This product is a
high value product that about 50% of the people who join us buy strictly for the
product itself, without any interest in the marketing plan. (And the best part is that
those folks count in your matrix, like anyone else, because we are ALL customers first.)

The mathematics behind this compensation formula make it a perpetual income stream,
based on momentum. And we’re almost three years old, and debt-free, so we’ve proven three things:

a.) The product performs…
b.) The comp plan works…
c.) We pay on time…

Q. But I am a heavy hitter. I have hundreds of personally sponsored people, your 2×2 matrix would take away the benefit of my hard work.
A. (Usually, the “hundreds of personally sponsored” routine is a lie, but we’ll play along…) No, you get paid the EXACT SAME THING no matter where in your matrix your personally sponsored members go. In fact, every time you enroll someone, you just increase the SPEED at which you will begin cycling and seeing those $800 cheques, EXPONENTIALLY in the months that follow.

Q. But isn’t this just another one of those travel agent deals, like those companies that were
shut down for giving away phoney travel agent cards?
A. Nope. We don’t sell “travel agent” packages. You’re not a travel agent with us. You’re a VIP Travel Club member. You have unlimited access to more than TWO MILLION condos, hotels, resort locations and destination getaways, as a CONSUMER. Other memberships that do the same thing run $5000 to $25,000 per year, and often require that members pay property taxes, renewal fees, etc. We charge around $300 for a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP… no hidden fees… no black-out dates… no timeshare sales pitches… no gimmicks.

After having developed compensation plans for several remarkably successful companies, I was dumbfounded, humbled and awed by the compensation plan we have with this company. And I would personally challenge anyone to show me why this comp plan isn’t the most fair, remarkable and generous comp plan on the planet today.

So feel free to share this with those who might tell you they don’t like our comp plan, and then invite them to get on Skype or Google Hangouts with me, so I can help them better understand what they are missing. (And in the case of being dropped on their heads as children, I have an amazing team of neurologists, here at Hershey Medical Centre, who would be more than happy to help them if that’s the case!)

The bottom line is that I don’t accept the excuses people give me for not taking a serious look at this program, because I know that’s what they are. And I’ll tell you WHY I know that…

…because when I was introduced to this company, I tried all the excuses myself. I kept thinking with a network marketing mentality, and just couldn’t understand how this would work. But I did know one thing… I wanted a membership for our family. So I bought it. And within 48 hours, I introduced two friends to the program, and they naturally did the same thing… And now, we’re living proof that the compensation plan works, we’ve just saved over $700 on a family trip to Gatlinburg next month, and we’re helping more families put an extra $800 or more in their pockets each month faster than we’ve ever done in 29 years of direct sales history.

Ready to take a FRESH look at this? Give me nine minutes to share with you an insider’s look at what we’re doing, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Dial: 1.888.556.6128 (outside the U.S., dial 001.888.556.6128), or visit: and watch the 15 minute pre-recorded webinar on-demand presentation.