Better Content Syndication with Tribe Pro and ICP? Really?

29 Oct


If you’ve been paying any attention to business journals, and especially to the discussion on technology lists, you’re probably dizzy and confused, when it comes to keeping up with the ever-changing criteria and algorithms used by Google to establish search engine ranking.

For years, the conventional wisdom was that if you created enough dynamic content by maintaining a blog, and posting on your social networks, you could reasonable expect to be ranked high in the search engines. But then, like everything else, a few clowns started to abuse that system, and so it no longer held the importance it once held.

Today, and for much of the past six months, Google places more siginificance on the syndication and social media interaction generated by your content, than it does upon the content alone. Things like social value, genuine back linking, and relevance began to become even more important than they were just a year ago.

That was why I accepted the invitation of a few of my former mentoring students, who graduated to become six and seven-figure income earners themselves, using my principles and systems to grow several incredible home-based businesses, to start a new mentoring class.

In fact, of the 358,000 men and women I’ve mentored in the direct sales industry, seven are millionaires and top producers with some of the most successful companies in our industry today. Twenty-nine earn a high six figure income, and a couple thousand (that I know of) are earning between $5K to $11K per month. So I willingly agreed.





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