Five Critical Factors for Success

29 Oct

I’ll never forget the first time I sat in a room with both of my two business mentors, the late Mr. Jim Rohn and Lawrence Thompson, at the very same time.

Man, was I stoked!

There I was, eighteen years old, and I’d just received my first monthly bonus cheque of $11,000. I’d had the opportunity to get up in front of about 500 people in a hotel ballroom, and shared my personal health testimonial with people I’d never met before, and shared my enthusiasm for working with that company “for the rest of my life”.

And I really believed that was what I wanted. But then Larry Thompson took the stage and began to teach us about the five factors that would guarantee the success of any entrepreneurial endeavor, and my entire belief system was transformed.

Yeah… That was me, at nineteen… stop laughing! LOL!

You see, I am quite sure that Larry’s intention was to demonstrate for us that our company had all five of these success factors, and indeed it did; but I was listening to him at what I now consider to be a “higher level of thinking”, and I realised that what he was talking about was the five things that any and every company could do to ensure their success. And that realisation opened the doors for me to a lifetime of incredible opportunity, because realised the one thing I needed to ultimately make any company work… was myself.

But I want to share these success factors with you today, because I think it’s important to understand that even though you’re ultimately the one who will make or break anything you attempt to create, it’s always a lot easier to achieve something great, when there are five other pieces of the puzzle in place to support your efforts.

Am I right?

So here they are…




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