The Five Factors for Entrepreneurial Success (Part Two – The Training System)

30 Oct

Yesterday, we talked about the first of the Five Factors for Entrepreneurial Success that my mentor Larry Thompson shared with us back in 1981… The Vehicle.

Today, we’re going to take a look at something that is often completely overlooked, when folks consider a home business opportunity, and that is the Training System.

Success Factor #2
The Training System

Can you imagine starting your first job, working for a brand new technology company, and making a proprietary piece of software, but never getting any training whatsoever, and just being placed in an office with a computer and a desk, and being told to “get to work”?

Of course not! So when you’re getting ready to begin a venture with a new company, you should expect nothing less than the most comprehensive, thorough and user-friendly system for training and supporting you and your team.

Each company will promise you “great support and training”, but the simple fact is that very few actually offer it. And do you know why? Ninety-four percent of most companies are made up of people who just jumped from their last company into the next one, and just sent a letter out to their people from that previous business, telling them to follow them to this new “pot of gold”.

Those “heavy hitters” have been doing this from company to company for years (sometimes decades) and no longer have the first clue about how to grow a real business.



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