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I hate to say, “I told you so,” but…

I’m writing this particularly for the eleven folks who invited me to look at their “amazing opportunity” within the past two months, to express my condolences, as news hit the presses today that (as I predicted four weeks ago on my radio program) Zeek Rewards closed its doors, having scammed everyone as much as possible, before drawing the attention of the Feds.

Regarding the Zeek Rewards scam, all I can say is that it’s both disgusting and disgraceful, but that is how these types of programs operate.

Because I know that so many of you invested a tremendous amount of money and effort into this Zeek Rewards scam, and despite your not being willing to trust a pioneer in the field of online marketing and technology, when I told each of you that this was NOT the wave of the future, (it was the wave of future back in 1995-1997, when the first fifty or so online auction companies were getting started), I am in the middle of negotiating a very special program that will make it possible for even those in the most difficult of financial situations to be able to get started with us in GTN Vacations.

The one-time, lifetime membership in GTN Vacations is still $398, with no monthly fees, no websites to pay for, no renewals or other hidden (company fattening) costs, has been making industry history. For most of our team, right now, that means $800/month, although two folks are now doing that every 2-3 weeks.

For those who would prefer, they can still get started right away, for $398, without the finance option, you can, of course get started right away.

For the past three years, we’ve been in business worldwide, and continue to have a spotless reputation within the travel industry. We now represent more than 2 million resort, hotel, condo and timeshare properties, nearly every global hotel and cruise line in 47 countries, and every major airline in the world.

So this isn’t like some cockamamie “auction” deal… or those “travel scams” that promise to make you a travel agent, with the promise of a (counterfeit) IATA travel agent’s ID card.  It’s a legitimate lifetime business, with no monthly fees, low, easy-to-accomplish qualifications, and one of the most generous performance bonuses in the industry.

Now, I won’t deny that there was some satisfaction in knowing that I called it right on Zeek Rewards, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t profoundly sadden me to know that the eleven of you and your families have been taken to the cleaners (again for many of you). It’s just my sincere hope that you will have had enough trying to reinvent the wheel, and make the decision to follow the smart money.

I’d LOVE to have you on my team, and will do all I can to help you WIN with GTN.

I expect the financing option to be in place for our team exclusively by Monday or Tuesday of next week.


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