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Better Content Syndication with Tribe Pro and ICP? Really?


If you’ve been paying any attention to business journals, and especially to the discussion on technology lists, you’re probably dizzy and confused, when it comes to keeping up with the ever-changing criteria and algorithms used by Google to establish search engine ranking.

For years, the conventional wisdom was that if you created enough dynamic content by maintaining a blog, and posting on your social networks, you could reasonable expect to be ranked high in the search engines. But then, like everything else, a few clowns started to abuse that system, and so it no longer held the importance it once held.

Today, and for much of the past six months, Google places more siginificance on the syndication and social media interaction generated by your content, than it does upon the content alone. Things like social value, genuine back linking, and relevance began to become even more important than they were just a year ago.

That was why I accepted the invitation of a few of my former mentoring students, who graduated to become six and seven-figure income earners themselves, using my principles and systems to grow several incredible home-based businesses, to start a new mentoring class.

In fact, of the 358,000 men and women I’ve mentored in the direct sales industry, seven are millionaires and top producers with some of the most successful companies in our industry today. Twenty-nine earn a high six figure income, and a couple thousand (that I know of) are earning between $5K to $11K per month. So I willingly agreed.





The ABCs of Recruiting Success

This is a training email I sent out to members of the Barefoot Millionaires Dream Team, but it could just as easily be adapted for any direct sales and network marketing professional’s business. So I thought I would share it with you here.

The ABCs of Recruiting Success

Why is it that some folks qualify with their two personal sales within hours, and others don’t seem to get anything done for weeks? People constantly ask me how I was able to fill five of the six spots in my matrix by myself, and I tell them it was all a matter of learning the “ABCs of Recruiting”.


Put simply, this is a service business. We cannot offer our service (a lifetime VIP Membership in the world’s most exclusive and exciting global travel club) unless we’re talking to others. This business is about introducing new members, and at the end of the day, the person with the most new members wins. Period!

There are literally hundreds of ways to attract new members… from posting Craigslist ads, to visiting bridal shops, salons, jewelers, and networking with other small business owners. I make a commitment to myself that I will speak to at least three new people every day about this business, and then I don’t “quit” until I have those three names and phone numbers on my calendar, with a checkmark next to them, indicating that we spoke.

Activity also includes making sure that you listen to the training conference calls and the daily recruiting calls. Why? Because you will develop your own sales presentation more easily, by becoming more familiar with the sales presentation others make.  And don’t forget that nothing in our business works as FAST and efficiently for you as our iTelecentre 800# system.

You get a FREE fourteen day trial, so why not log into your back office today, click on Marketing Tools, and then click iTelecentre (and be sure to put your sponsor’s name and email address for who referred you to ensure that the downline structure remains intact, since we also use this to send messages to one another). My email, for those whom I sponsored, is Please sign up today, and start broadcasting the number in your Craigslist ads, on post cards, and on Facebook. Let the number make the presentation for you! Then you can follow-up with those who are interested.


We’d all love to have ten, twenty, fifty personally sponsored members interested in growing their business with us, right? But what most people forget is that this is not MLM! You get paid exactly the same thing if someone becomes a member, just for the membership, with no interest in the business. So always be looking for folks who go on vacation/holiday, who would enjoy the chance to stay at some world-class resorts for pennies on the dollar.

That’s how the “superstars” get qualified in their first two hours… They realise that even though not everyone is interested in a business opportunity, EVERYONE likes to save money on the things they already buy/use/need. Since 98% of the working population, and 87% of retirees already go on holiday each year, why not focus on introducing all of them to this product?

Those who are interested in making money will make themselves known! I always wrap up a new enrollment with a “consumer” by saying, “Oh, by the way, who do you know who might be interested in making an extra $800/month by helping us enroll new members, just like I did with you?”

When you do that, they realise that what you did was very easy, and could even be fun… so you can bet they’re going to say, “Well, I might be interested…” Then we check off the “become an Independent Sales Associate” button on their enrollment screen, and I tell them we’ll get them trained right away.

And training is always hands-on, so I ask them, “Now, who are the first two people you can think of, who might like this lifetime VIP membership?”


You’ve heard it said that the fortune’s in the follow-up, and that is definitely the case here. I stay in contact with every member of my team, because even the ones who get off to a slow start might one day wake up and decide, “Today, I am going to get serious!”

And it’s important to remind them that they are not in this business alone! We’re here to help them do calls, close prospects that are sitting on the fence, and answer any questions they might have.

Quite simply, there is not another business opportunity I know of where you can enroll just two members and be qualified for commissions for the rest of your life, and where a small group of just six sales translates into $800 cash. Where else can you double your money in your first month, without having to commit to autoship programs, delivering products, or doing home parties/hotel meetings?

Our company is changing the way entrepreneurs do business in the 21st century, and YOU are in the right place at the right time to take advantage of it.

I let everyone I know understand that I do not need for them to quit whatever else they may be doing. In fact, I’d rather they continue whatever other programs they might enjoy, because this is about making their lives easier, and if I can put an extra $800 in the pocket of the lady who does skincare spas, or the guy who shares personal fitness and weight-loss products with folks, then they will be able to be more successful in both businesses.

And the established entrepreneurs love this product, because it allows them to buy a membership and then GIVE AWAY FREE TRIPS to their team, as an incentive to sell more skincare, diet products, phone services, etc.

Car dealerships and high end jewelers are becoming members, so that they can offer a free lifetime membership to every person who buys a car or diamond wedding ring from them.

The possibilities are endless, and I’ve never see another program that could be built in as little as 2 hours a day. So there’s no “I don’t have time to do this business” excuse, since we have systems in place that make the presentations for them.

Everyone who knows me knows that they just need to go to: or watch the webinar at: to get an inside scoop on what we’re doing.

They also know that they can become members right away by visiting:, or they can leave me a message on my voicemail/presentation line from iTelecentre: 1.888.556.6128, if they have any questions or need help getting started.

Fun. Simple. Magical. That’s the ABCs of Success with the Barefoot Millionaires Dream Team!


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