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The Five Factors for Entrepreneurial Success (Part Two – The Training System)

Yesterday, we talked about the first of the Five Factors for Entrepreneurial Success that my mentor Larry Thompson shared with us back in 1981… The Vehicle.

Today, we’re going to take a look at something that is often completely overlooked, when folks consider a home business opportunity, and that is the Training System.

Success Factor #2
The Training System

Can you imagine starting your first job, working for a brand new technology company, and making a proprietary piece of software, but never getting any training whatsoever, and just being placed in an office with a computer and a desk, and being told to “get to work”?

Of course not! So when you’re getting ready to begin a venture with a new company, you should expect nothing less than the most comprehensive, thorough and user-friendly system for training and supporting you and your team.

Each company will promise you “great support and training”, but the simple fact is that very few actually offer it. And do you know why? Ninety-four percent of most companies are made up of people who just jumped from their last company into the next one, and just sent a letter out to their people from that previous business, telling them to follow them to this new “pot of gold”.

Those “heavy hitters” have been doing this from company to company for years (sometimes decades) and no longer have the first clue about how to grow a real business.



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Never a Better Time to Start Your Own Business

It’s always a good time to break free from the rat race, and to resolve to make your mark on society in a way that is totally reflective of who you are; but experts are now telling us that record numbers of people are leaving their jobs now, more confident that the economy is improving under better leadership, and fairly certain that the country won’t fall into the hands of the morally bankrupt and inept.

Take a look at this article:

So there is no better time to start your own business, or try your hand at a fun, simple and easy to master affiliate program, In the past month, we’ve actually helped two of our clients get started in a remarkably stable, growth-oriented wellness program, which allowed them to put $800 in their pocket their very first month, with just a total of twenty customers!

And after all of the television publicity, we’ve been getting calls every day from stay-at-home moms, wanting to know if we can help them start a profitable mobile spa business for about $35 a week! And when we show them how to take advantage of certain promotional programs going on right now, that will allow them to get up and running with over $450 in products and inventory for under $150, they LOVE IT!

Whatever your passion is, there has never been a better time to roll up your sleeves and pursue it!

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MLM’s Dirty Little Secret–The Truth About Autoship “Opportunities”

Recently, my dear friend and respected leader in the direct sales industry, RS Mallory, posted an insightful look at what she and I refer to as “MLM’s Dirty Little Secret“.

Now it’s no secret that I created a remarkable income for myself, as a top income earner with several health and nutrition companies, beginning in 1981. And yes, I was able to grow a seven-figure income with two of those companies, based on a $100/month autoship requirement, which was part of their compensation plan.

When I retired and walked away from the network marketing arena, it wasn’t because I no longer cared about health and nutrition. It was because there were serious economic factors, international regulation concerns, and the simple fact that the Internet has begun to make traditional network marketing obsolete. I am still every bit as passionate about health and nutrition, and still very committed to helping people eliminate unhealthy habits and patterns in their lives. But I am also a business person, who pays careful attention to what’s happening in the marketplace.

And right now, it’s clear that people are struggling month-after-month, to maintain their company’s autoship requirements, just with the hope that one day, they’ll “finally make it” in network marketing.  They’re maxing out their credit cards. They’re stressing over how they’re going to justify that expense to their loved ones, when there just isn’t anything to show for it. They’re tired of trying to keep up a “positive appearance” about their company, when they are not experiencing the kind of “great income” they were originally promised.

And slowly-but-surely, more and more of them are saying, “We’ve had enough!”

And that, my friends, is what brought me out of retirement, just a few short months ago…

I was tired of seeing so many of my friends, and folks with whom I had worked for decades in other programs, beginning to lose everything, because the marketplace was changing. Some countries were moving toward banning nutritional products, other companies, involved in the personal care and mobile spa business, were crippling their consultants by limiting the countries in which they could do business, while forcing them to compete with commercial brands that are beginning to do the same things their products do for pennies on the dollar. And others were just plain tired of jumping from program to program, struggling to rebuild what they’ve lost.

So here’s my question for you…

Are you willing to give up your $150-$300/month autoship, in order to begin earning $800 or more every week?

Imagine, if you would, what it would be like to start your own business in a field that has been virtually untouched by the direct sales industry, for a one-time, affordable and straightforward cost, which amounts to around $1.11 per day. No monthly order requirements. No autoships or website hosting fees to pay. No inventory or deliveries. And if all you needed to do was to plug into a proven system, work hand-in-hand with a team of personal mentors, who’ve already begun to earn the kind of money you’ve always dreamed of making, and let the prospects contact YOU, instead of you having to chase them down… Wouldn’t THAT be a refreshing change?

What if all you had to do, in order to qualify for commissions for LIFE, was to simply introduce two new members? And if teaching them to do the same thing would result in $800 cash being direct deposited to your account. Yep… Just six people in your organisation and you’ll earn $800, but that’s not the best part!

Our revolutionary 2-by-2 Follow-Me Matrix is a REcycler program, which makes it possible to leverage the growth of your team, so that every time six sales are made in one of your 2×2 matrices, you earn ANOTHER $800, again and again and again.

Serious wealthbuilders really get excited when they see that in addition to this “instant money”, we offer an INFINITY CODING BONUS, and one of the best Matching Bonus programs the industry has ever seen. Make just THREE personal sales, and you will begin earning $50, not only on every person you personally sponsor from there on out (starting with your fourth sale), but on the first three they sponsor, and the first three those people sponsor, and so on to INFINITY. No limitations or restrictions. REAL INFINITY MONEY, week after week!

And because we know that nothing creates momentum more than relationship marketing, we’re committed to coaching our team members every step of the way, to learn NEW WAYS TO GROW THEIR BUSINESS, including the use of content syndication, social media marketing, and value-add proposals.

We’re doing business in over 220 countries worldwide, debt-free, and pay commissions WEEKLY via direct deposit. Over the past three years, the company has earned such an amazing reputation, that we now have vendors coming to us and asking us to be part of our incredible VIP Lifetime Travel Program.

Think about that! And while we’re talking about the product, let me ask you another question…

Wouldn’t it be reasonable to say that almost every person in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Pac Rim, probably knows or could find just TWO PEOPLE who go on holiday/vacation each year?

Of course it would! The fact is that most of us could find several DOZEN people who do so. Right?

And do you think those people would be interested in finding out how they could take those vacations for 50%-75% savings? You bet!

And if we told them we could show them how to take that vacation with an extra $800 in their pockets, just by sharing this with two people they know, who are just like them, don’t you think they’d get pretty darned excited?

No doubt!

And that’s exactly what we’re doing…

The video below will explain in further detail, exactly why we’re so excited. Watch it, and then give us a call if you’re interested in learning more. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, and walk you through the process of how we’ve been able to help the average person get started with us and earn $800 in their first week to ten days.


When you have a moment, why not settle in and enjoy this brief 8-10 minute toll-free call: 1.888.556.6128 (if you’re outside the U.S., no worries, you can listen online at:

Call me with ANY questions you have. You can reach me at my home office 202.297.3223, any time Tuesday through Friday (11 AM until 7 PM). I’ll be happy to chat with you, answer your questions and help you determine whether GIVING UP your monthly autoship of $150-$300 to GAIN $800 a week (or more) would be beneficial to YOUR health AND your bank account!!

Let’s talk soon!




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Three Keys to Achieving Greater Network Marketing Success

You’ve seen the websites promising to reveal the “secrets” to success, but if you’ve taken the time to look at what 98% of those so-called “experts” offer, you’ve likely discovered that the only “secret” is that most of those folks have no clue about network marketing strategies or effective online marketing.

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of the typical network marketer or MLM-mentality that sadly is taught by 99% of the major network marketing companies today.

I don’t like that personality type, and don’t do business with people who are obnoxious, pushy, self-interested megalomaniacs, because I know that they are the reason this industry will have to dramatically change or die. They’re the one’s who turn every business they touch into a marketing scheme or scam.

My commitment is to provide entrepreneurs with a way to achieve greater success, in less time. And we’ve been fortunate to create a 90-day success system, which doesn’t require aspiring or existing entrepreneurs to “change loyalties”, abandon a company whose products they might genuinely like, or which forces them to stop doing anything that might already be working for them.

In short, I decided it was time to approach this industry the same way I’ve approached my work as a philanthropist and spiritual teacher: by keeping the good, and offering better solutions to replace the things that no longer work the way they should.

There are three important keys to immediately increasing your income and success, month-after-month:

KEY ONE: Sort… don’t sell.

Realising that not everyone is “wired” for success, and even fewer people are serious enough about achieving success to be willing to actually devote 30-90 minutes a day toward achieving it, we need to move out of the typical MLM mode, where we try to “recruit” everyone into our business.

Lead lists might provide you with hundreds, even thousands of names and email addresses… but 98.5% of those people will never be serious enough about success to actually pay attention and work for it. And timing may not be right for the remaining 1.5%.

So instead of “selling”, we “sort”. We start by finding out what it is they are looking for, and what they are comfortable doing in order to achieve it. We let folks know what we can offer them, and let those who are serious come to US, instead of chasing THEM.

You see, I know that I’ve created a system that realistically allows people I work with to increase their actual income by an average of $800/month in their first four to six weeks… without inventory, without signing up for autoship products, without hotel meetings, and without paying for new websites, recruiting systems, etc.

I also know that it takes 30-90 minutes a day to develop that kind of income, because I did it, and 85% of the people on my team have done so. And for those who want to develop an additional $800/week or more, it requires a commitment of 10-15  hours per week, and 90-days of focused effort to “get ‘er done”.

So when someone is serious enough about wanting to succeed, the first thing I tell them to do is to put their wallet away, because I don’t want or need their money. What I am interested in is helping them succeed… and they’ll do that by taking action, not by spending money.

In fact, I’ll give any entrepreneur who asks, access to over four and a half hours of high quality video and audio training materials from some of the top names in the industry, over a ninety-day period of time. And that information will do two things: it will help them immediately begin to profit, and it will sort out the ones who are serious from the tire-kickers and whiners.

KEY TWO: Build Depth.

Unfortunately, it’s a little difficult to address this issue, without sounding like I am bashing certain companies’ compensation plans… which is not my intention. It’s a fact that some compensation plans are weaker than others, and don’t always provide the proper incentive for networkers to support their downline team.

But compensation plans can change. What matters is that a professional networker learn to discipline themselves to shift their focus from some of the nonsense that is passed off as “traditional wisdom”, and focus on strategies that work.

Chief among those ideas is understanding that duplication is the key to your success. We teach our team members to focus on developing a team of just FOUR serious entrepreneurs, and then focus their efforts on helping those five to do the same thing. And it works.

But the really incredible thing about our system, is we teach people how to do something I’ve never seen done in this industry. If they will simply focus on identifying and partnering with just TWO people, and allow me to coach and mentor those two people to do the same thing, we can very quickly put $800 in their pockets within their first 7-10 days in the business. And it works every single time!

Starting with just two to four aspiring wealthbuilders, I grew my organisation to 358,000 men and women, in under 18 months with my previous company. And we did that without sponsoring any “teams” from other companies. All we did was teach a simple, fun and duplicable system.

I would ask aspiring networkers:

“If I could show you a way to increase your income by $800 to $1200 in the next couple weeks, without inventory, expensive start-up kits, hotel meetings, or making a list of friends, family, etc., do you think you could find just TWO other people who would LOVE to learn how to increase their income by the same $800-$1200 in the next few weeks as well?”

If they say yes, we roll up our sleeves and get started… and then I focus immediately on helping them to do the same thing. As a result, they actually end up earning closer to $1600 in their first month, but our focus remains on helping EVERYONE to make that extra $800 in two or three weeks, first.

KEY THREE: Customers or Associates? Stay focused.

Too often, I encounter people who are so emotionally invested in their company’s products that they are ruining their businesses.

I know that sounds a little strange, but when you become emotionally attached to a product, especially to the point that you begin believing all the hype about it, and imagine that it is the “best” whatever, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Very few entrepreneurs got into the business because they love a particular product. They got into the business because they want to increase their income. So they choose network marketing as the VEHICLE for their wealthbuilding, and the product is the FUEL used to power that particular vehicle.

Don’t get emotional about a product. Recognise that your business will grow in direct proportion to the number of customers and associates you bring to the table, but that in most cases, you’ll prosper faster, by having a stronger team of associates. For that reason, we consciously look for associates, who will also be customers.

For example, my primary company offers the first product of its kind, in the service industry, and one which 98% of adults in the 220 countries in which we do business, already want, use or need. But of equal importance, we offer a product that they would buy whether or not there was an income opportunity attached, because it’s priced very reasonably, and offers unparalleled value in the marketplace. So I look for people who are not only dedicated to bettering themselves, but those who share my interest in empowering individuals to create better lives for themselves in everything they do. By doing this, the people who become part of my team are people with whom I not only work in business, but enjoy relaxing with when we take weekend retreats to some of the most incredible resort locations around the world, just to get better acquainted, and to have the chance to mastermind.

At one such weekend, recently, I was with some friends who work in the mobile spa industry, and for that weekend, I focused everything we did on helping them to develop a better strategy for recruiting, training, and developing a stronger, more successful team. We enjoyed a few nice dinners out, and I came along at the end of the weekend as a guest at one of their training sessions. My consultants and business partners would tell you that becoming involved in my mentoring system was the best move they ever made, because I shared with them the possibility that real entrepreneurs are not threatened by other companies, other opportunities and other businesses, but instead, find new and innovative ways to support the owners and consultants from those companies, to help them do better and make this industry a better place to do business.

The longevity of any business is dependent on “lifelong customers”. So I am constantly cultivating relationships with people I believe will benefit from my product. Some of them will become my customers, but even those who don’t will become my friends… and friends always happily refer new business to their friends.

Put these strategies to the test! And if you’re seriously interested in success, just drop by and subscribe to my free personal mentoring and training series and we will begin the process of cultivating a new, mutually respectful and beneficial business relationship, which will likely end up likewise becoming another valued friendship!

Unlock your potential for Primary Greatness, Personal and Financial Success and Peak Performance. Click this banner for more info!


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Recruiting is not an Activity… It’s a Process

Why is it that so many marketing professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs in the network marketing and direct sales fields have such a difficult time recruiting?

One of the biggest reasons so many people find the idea of recruiting and prospecting to be such a challenge is that they approach it as an “activity”, rather than understanding that it is an “outcome”.

You see, most folks think of prospecting for network marketing leads as something they actively do. They think it’s about such absurd 1980s concepts as the “three foot rule” and “making lists”. When you approach prospecting as an event or action, then the fear of being told “no” can be paralysing, and frankly results in most new consultants never really getting started.

I was so fortunate to have had the opportunity to personally work with two of the most amazing direct sales mentors in the world, during the 80s and 90s. The late Mr. Jim Rohn, and Lawrence Thompson, taught me the secrets that would translate into a six and seven-figure income for more than 18 years, allowing me to retire before I turned 40, and giving me the privilege of financially supporting a community of more than 50 Buddhist and Franciscan monks, who worked amongh the poorest of the poor, bringing meals to the homeless, and caring for the sick and dying.

And the secret they taught me was that recruiting was not an event… it is a process.

I never focus on signing someone up in my business. Yes, I said “never”. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone in my business whom I asked to join us. I just don’t ask anyone to join me, because I don’t believe in asking folks to join me. If I do my job, and cultivate sincere and meaningful, value-based relationships, I know that those who share common interests and who possess the skills and values that are necessary to work with me will ASK ME TO JOIN.

So I focus on BUILDING PEOPLE, and know that when I do that, those people will build my business.

It’s all about bringing value to the marketplace. And recognising that prospecting is a journey that is taken with everyone we meet. It’s an unhurried process, because I operate from a consciousness of abundance, and know there are literally hundreds of thousands of people right now who are LOOKING for a business like mine.

So I don’t have to bash someone else’s company. That does nothing to build-up anyone, including myself.

I don’t have to ask people to leave the companies that they might really like. If they’re not making the kind of money they need with their present business, why wouldn’t I help them turn things around with that company, while they learn about my company? Several of my personally sponsored folks are leaders with other companies, and rely on the $3200-$4800/month they make with us as a means of bankrolling their promotional campaigns with their primary businesses.

So I don’t look at people as “objects”. I don’t say, “Hmmm… She looks like she’d be good at our business,” or “Eh, he doesn’t seem like he’d be very good at this.”

I genuinely listen to their stories, and try to find out what it is they are looking for, how much time they have to devote to growing their business, and what their personal comfort zone includes.

Then I ask them if their business experience would be easier, if they knew that all they had to do was cultivate new friendships with folks, and if all they ever had to do was introduce TWO people to a product they probably already want and need, and then let me teach those two people how to do the same thing… and then I would pay them $800… over and over and over again, for doing something that simple.

Some people are ready for that right away. Others are more interested in learning how to apply the revolutionary concept of Tribal Marketing to grow their existing businesses. Either way, I meet them where they are, and do whatever I can to help them.

I don’t worry about whether they are interested in joining us. My income increases every week, whether I am actively enrolling people or not. So there is no stress… no anxiety over having to get more people right away.

And guess what else happens? My team is more relaxed. They LOVE hearing from me, and look forward to my weekly training videos, my team calls and personal follow-ups.

Some of us have even taken a week off to spend some time relaxing in the Smoky Mountains recently. Just kicking back, getting better acquainted and doing some amazing mastermind sessions.

Always remember, everyone’s process is different. Everyone is at a different place on their journey toward success. By becoming more sensitive to their needs, and by committing myself to BUILDING PEOPLE, the business will ALWAYS build itself!

“Whatever we build,” Jim Rohn would teach, “ends up building us. It’s not about what we GET… it’s about what we BECOME that matters most!”

Copyright © 2011-2012 Dr. F. Gianmichael Salvato, P.A. (Team VISION Global Consulting, S.A.) All rights reserved. No part of this article or material may be reproduced without written permission from the author. When written permission is obtained, full attribution, including this copyright must be included in any republication, broadcast or reproduction of this material. Address all inquires to: Dr. F. Gianmichael Salvato, P.A. ( 407 Holly Hall, Middletown, PA 17057 USA.


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The ABCs of Recruiting Success

This is a training email I sent out to members of the Barefoot Millionaires Dream Team, but it could just as easily be adapted for any direct sales and network marketing professional’s business. So I thought I would share it with you here.

The ABCs of Recruiting Success

Why is it that some folks qualify with their two personal sales within hours, and others don’t seem to get anything done for weeks? People constantly ask me how I was able to fill five of the six spots in my matrix by myself, and I tell them it was all a matter of learning the “ABCs of Recruiting”.


Put simply, this is a service business. We cannot offer our service (a lifetime VIP Membership in the world’s most exclusive and exciting global travel club) unless we’re talking to others. This business is about introducing new members, and at the end of the day, the person with the most new members wins. Period!

There are literally hundreds of ways to attract new members… from posting Craigslist ads, to visiting bridal shops, salons, jewelers, and networking with other small business owners. I make a commitment to myself that I will speak to at least three new people every day about this business, and then I don’t “quit” until I have those three names and phone numbers on my calendar, with a checkmark next to them, indicating that we spoke.

Activity also includes making sure that you listen to the training conference calls and the daily recruiting calls. Why? Because you will develop your own sales presentation more easily, by becoming more familiar with the sales presentation others make.  And don’t forget that nothing in our business works as FAST and efficiently for you as our iTelecentre 800# system.

You get a FREE fourteen day trial, so why not log into your back office today, click on Marketing Tools, and then click iTelecentre (and be sure to put your sponsor’s name and email address for who referred you to ensure that the downline structure remains intact, since we also use this to send messages to one another). My email, for those whom I sponsored, is Please sign up today, and start broadcasting the number in your Craigslist ads, on post cards, and on Facebook. Let the number make the presentation for you! Then you can follow-up with those who are interested.


We’d all love to have ten, twenty, fifty personally sponsored members interested in growing their business with us, right? But what most people forget is that this is not MLM! You get paid exactly the same thing if someone becomes a member, just for the membership, with no interest in the business. So always be looking for folks who go on vacation/holiday, who would enjoy the chance to stay at some world-class resorts for pennies on the dollar.

That’s how the “superstars” get qualified in their first two hours… They realise that even though not everyone is interested in a business opportunity, EVERYONE likes to save money on the things they already buy/use/need. Since 98% of the working population, and 87% of retirees already go on holiday each year, why not focus on introducing all of them to this product?

Those who are interested in making money will make themselves known! I always wrap up a new enrollment with a “consumer” by saying, “Oh, by the way, who do you know who might be interested in making an extra $800/month by helping us enroll new members, just like I did with you?”

When you do that, they realise that what you did was very easy, and could even be fun… so you can bet they’re going to say, “Well, I might be interested…” Then we check off the “become an Independent Sales Associate” button on their enrollment screen, and I tell them we’ll get them trained right away.

And training is always hands-on, so I ask them, “Now, who are the first two people you can think of, who might like this lifetime VIP membership?”


You’ve heard it said that the fortune’s in the follow-up, and that is definitely the case here. I stay in contact with every member of my team, because even the ones who get off to a slow start might one day wake up and decide, “Today, I am going to get serious!”

And it’s important to remind them that they are not in this business alone! We’re here to help them do calls, close prospects that are sitting on the fence, and answer any questions they might have.

Quite simply, there is not another business opportunity I know of where you can enroll just two members and be qualified for commissions for the rest of your life, and where a small group of just six sales translates into $800 cash. Where else can you double your money in your first month, without having to commit to autoship programs, delivering products, or doing home parties/hotel meetings?

Our company is changing the way entrepreneurs do business in the 21st century, and YOU are in the right place at the right time to take advantage of it.

I let everyone I know understand that I do not need for them to quit whatever else they may be doing. In fact, I’d rather they continue whatever other programs they might enjoy, because this is about making their lives easier, and if I can put an extra $800 in the pocket of the lady who does skincare spas, or the guy who shares personal fitness and weight-loss products with folks, then they will be able to be more successful in both businesses.

And the established entrepreneurs love this product, because it allows them to buy a membership and then GIVE AWAY FREE TRIPS to their team, as an incentive to sell more skincare, diet products, phone services, etc.

Car dealerships and high end jewelers are becoming members, so that they can offer a free lifetime membership to every person who buys a car or diamond wedding ring from them.

The possibilities are endless, and I’ve never see another program that could be built in as little as 2 hours a day. So there’s no “I don’t have time to do this business” excuse, since we have systems in place that make the presentations for them.

Everyone who knows me knows that they just need to go to: or watch the webinar at: to get an inside scoop on what we’re doing.

They also know that they can become members right away by visiting:, or they can leave me a message on my voicemail/presentation line from iTelecentre: 1.888.556.6128, if they have any questions or need help getting started.

Fun. Simple. Magical. That’s the ABCs of Success with the Barefoot Millionaires Dream Team!


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